A carbon solution

Aligned Carbon Nanotubes3D printing may be a long term solution to the carbon problem.

Carbon fiber is a mechanical engineer’s dream.  It has great properties for building physical things.  3D printers will improve toward using carbon fiber and substrates because of the combination of physical properties and the simplicity of a supply of carbon.

Imagine a world in which we can have carbon fiber skyscrapers and vehicle parts — buildings and physical things that cost little to produce from carbon collected from the environment, possibly the air.

MIT is already able to print a building with a sandwiched layer of concrete and insulation.  In a decade, this will be possible on a commercial scale.  In two decades, smart machines will offer choices of building materials and be easily customizable from libraries of public designs.

I’m not suggesting that we should ignore the carbon problem.  I’m suggesting that a good solution might be to invest in carbon demand.  Specifically:

  • Carbon collection system: collect, purify, and prepare carbon fiber from CO2.
  • Carbon fiber printing system: build up structures with fibers running in the right directions.

One response to “A carbon solution

  1. This is really something to think about because something has to change and I think personally it needs to change pretty soon. I never thought about carbon fiber but I went and read about it and it’s a very cool material!

    This would be a great! Would be nice to see if they are testing or doing some type of developing ..

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