How is it possible that radio ads are unsearchable?!

All the incentives are aligned: advertisers want to connect with customers and customers are typing search terms, hunting for the phone number of web site of the radio ad they just heard. What was that special deal they said to mention? Where can I hear the ad again?

Google should open “ad search” and let advertisers submit audio, video, transcriptions, and links along with optional metadata like format, media outlets, etc.

Then search could handle things like ‘radio ad’, ‘tv commercial’, etc.

The advertisers do the work of populating the content and everybody wins.

2 responses to “How is it possible that radio ads are unsearchable?!

  1. Hrmmm, do you work for Google? This would be pretty cool. Only thing I use that is ad related is but that is because I am in the broker business and have to find labels for products and logos.

    I know what you mean though because I have driven into work and an ad would come on and I would need a certain code in order to get the discount let’s say for dry cleaning. Now keep in mind I am DRIVING to work and I can’t write the word down! My memory is about as long as my pinky toe….so you know where I am going with this right….I can’t remember what the dang code is to get the discount at the cleaner so they just lost my business.

    Good idea Dan! Now get to work and make us something like that! 

    • I don’t work for Google… I do really like the company, though.
      There are only a few companies that could build this as well a Google could. I bet eventually they will.

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