Private drones

Private droneIt’s becoming easy; we’re on the cusp. Soon, you will be able to assemble or buy a private drone that can go anywhere, record video, deliver a payload, retrieve a thing, whatever. Land, sea, and sky. Automated surveillance systems can be easy to control. Can you click on a spot on a map? That’s pretty much all you need.

How do we respond as a society when anyone can spy or kill as easily as clicking an app? How do you trace an attack that is delivered from the sky from anyone anywhere? How do you handle alibis when you can schedule a crime with cron?

I don’t know the answer, but it’s a continuation of a long trend toward putting more lethal power into more hands. I hope some smart people are thinking well about this.

Somehow, I don’t think a drone shield is going to be enough.

2 responses to “Private drones

  1. Do drones have a legitimate use? Is the consumer buying this drone for a legitimate reason? Here we go again, just like with gun laws, this is another item that will now need to be regulated because of its capability of invading people’s privacy.

    There is no feasible reason to own a drone if you are a civilian in the United States. Drones are not safe and have no real usage with the exception of maybe taking pictures for a business.

    Drones have the ability to spy on people because of their stealthy characteristics including low sounds and small size. This is in a direct violation of privacy and there is no way to monitor what people use them and how they use them.

    We are doing just fine without them in the general population……ugh! You are going to get me wound up Dan..aren’t ya! 🙂

    • There are plenty of legitimate uses for private drones. Real estate agents already use them for ariel photos of high-end homes. Farmers could automate crop dusting for safety and efficiency. Hobbyists love toys like this. Even wants to deliver packages with drones.

      And I’m afraid your guns analogy “hits the mark”: these things are a threat to safety and can be weaponized too easily — and they’re here to stay.

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