Visual overlay will be very cool

I’m not making any forecasts about when this is going to happen, but visual overlay will be very cool.

We will still see the world as it is, of course.  But we will be able to add layers.  Layers can give us information like the ratings of a restaurant we see or night vision or heat vision, or little flying arrows showing the direction and speed of the wind.  Layers can also give us controls like interacting with vending machines or unlocking your car, or saving a good bottle of wine.

It will be very cool.

Things have changed since I wrote about this in 2002, but I wasn’t completely wrong: The Etherface

Wikipedia anything you see.  Add people you meet to your contact list with context.  Users generate content.  API lets developers add controls.

2 responses to “Visual overlay will be very cool

  1. You’re right, this is going to be very cool! Not sure who will develop it though.

  2. This is another post I have found here at Dan’s blog that I am going to go research. Was it ever developed and if so by who? I don’t think it is happening in 2014 but I could be completely wrong. I am not one to keep up with this type of stuff, I just purchase and download when it comes out:)

    But they census say that Google would develop it! Interesting….

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