Tsunami dream

I finally got some sleep last night. A week of stress and conflict, topped off with a terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan. In my dream I was in a meeting, talking to friends in a very tall glass tower. I was standing by the wall of windows and looking out over the seacoast skyline. In the distance a big wave forms like a lump in the sea. It is moving toward us. The shore recedes, rolling back into the ocean. My breath stops. My hands on the glass. The wave comes in fast and high. It climbs up, out the of sea and starts to form a crest. I feel like we’re hundreds of feet in the air, but the wave is breaking just beneath us. I don’t feel a thing. The building doesn’t move at all. I watch other buildings wiped away. A mess of lumber and cars and buildings and people floats along as the water continues to push through the city. Small fires ignite and send up little tufts of smoke that must be hundreds of feet across when you get close. I was still. The building was still. Nobody said anything. I woke up. Maybe if I go back to sleep it will be different.

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