National Infrastructure Administration

A new federal agency “National Infrastructure Administration” (“NIA”) should be formed to manage a work rotation under the Army Corps of Engineers, building national infrastructure projects.

Rotations would last 6 months at a time, and would be available to any US citizen. Pay would consist of minimum wage, minimal benefits, and possibly room and board. When not in combat, Army personnel would also serve in these rotations.

Unemployment would no longer be an issue. Anyone who wanted to work could serve a rotation with the NIA. Training and experience would be valuable alongside members of the Army, and under direction of the Army Corps of Engineers. Employers would likely respect NIA experience.

The economy would grow faster, with broad prosperity. The electrical grid, 650,000 miles of roads, 78,000 bridges, 125,000 buildings, 700 miles of airport runways, and major new dams and waterways that resulted from New Deal programs are part of why economic growth was capable of such strength into and through WWII. As Americans took advantage of better energy and transportation, prosperity spread rapidly.

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