International Stock Watch

Exchange traded funds can be a good way to access you international stock markets. This is particularly helpful in markets where you should be seeking broad diversification. EWT and EWH can give you access to the Taiwan and Hong Kong Indices; two markets.

CHU is actually China Unicom. China Mobile is CHL. I hold both, but about 2x as much CHL as CHU. CHU is smaller, more volatile, and between the two, you can cover CDMA and GSM systems in China.

Japan is pretty negative in world view right now, but I still like it very much. I think their currency is overvalued relative to the dollar, and that their stock market is simply not considered by Japanese individuals to be an investment option. Cash is still king there. Also, in terms of international investment characteristics, I think they will become to the rest of Asia in the next 20 years what the United States was to Europe in the last 20 years.

I do like Taiwan. I think that the long term conflict with China will be resolved as China ironically moves more toward Taiwanese policies. They are receiving smart and hard working people like Singapore and Hong Kong. I like all those places. The companies in their indexes probably represent the companies that will be serving major new populations of consumers. These economic centers of influence are the indexes I’m trying to focus on. My time horizon is 10-20 years, though, and I’m sure it will be a bumpy ride.

I sold ECA. I think my positive energy view is really a growth story in electricity, rather than fossil fuels.

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