An attempt at political moral philosophy

Society is imperfect and its improvement merits our best efforts. It is our moral duty to improve and redesign it for the benefit of all. The primary purpose of government is to support the rights of the governed; the sum of these rights scores the Goodness of a society.

Government should not rely on morality, but encourage, through law and incentives, moral behavior. The secret to morals is love—going beyond your own self, expanding the self to include others. To be Good, aim to imagine comprehensively; put yourself in the place of all others, their pains and pleasures your own. In this way, personal sacrifice for the greater good is no sacrifice at all.

Take no teaching on trust. Think and speak sincerely on the meaning of life. Do not get bogged down in defending an inferior idea, but define your position by that which you reason to be correct. Argue with ideas, not people.

Do not have faith in your convictions, but rather have faith in your wisdom. Form your self-image not by your positions, but rather by your wisdom—be eager to improve and refine your perspective.

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