Contract and Legal Reference Engine

An instant and well documented history of legal rulings – based on fact sets, and legal documents for typical related work – could be produced through information management of historical legal documents. The system would format contracts of a firm with fields that identify important entities and information in each contract (For example, the company later referred to as “COMPANY” would have a corresponding database table field). Then the interface would allow a lawyer – or anyone – to enter information for any fields they thought were relevant, and the system would identify the contracts and cases that are most similar, providing appropriate pre-populated contracts and historical rulings when available. This system would vastly improve efficiencies in the legal industry. In addition, it could provide a tool for judges to research other decisions, and ask for public opinion with a forum for discussion threads. Within a law firm, laywers could enter case or client information and select what kinds of results they would like to receive (Contracts, referrences, etc.)

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