Object Oriented XML Standards for Definitions for Virtual Objects

Object oriented (inheriting) definitions are elegant and increadibly powerful for describing 3D virtual objects. Descriptive fields can be stored in XML (with a standard for the required and optional descriptive fields). Objects would be defined within classes that would inherit descriptors from parent classes. For example, this apple would be described uniquely, and inherit traits from apples in general, which in turn would inherit from fruit in general, etc. Classes could have multiple parents in addition to multiple children. This standard would offer very good characteristics for the open creation, interaction, extensibility, and transfer of virtual environments and the objects within them.

8/10/2000 – The storage of tangibles as independent files allows for the distributed development of compatible and upgradable virtual environments. Additionally, this approach saves on storage, and creates a classification system to enable the automated recognition of – and contextual understanding of – objects within the environment (including Virtual Earth).

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