Entertainment is Evolving

Movies, music, images, and all sorts of digitally transferable media will migrate from broadcast to 2-way networks. Complex, and dynamically updating, personalization engines will determine content selection by default. The media will reach us over wired and wireless networks using highly compressed secure digital signals – rather than local storage. Centralized systems will have dominant personalization systems and data, and so will be the primary tool for selecting media and interface content. Media serving will be decentralized, however, as the media serving and the web serving are separated. Distribution will occur through all sorts of networked devices, including the personal computer… which will come to be characterized as a small wireless device used for all aspects of an individual’s computing needs. Mass media will evolve with the interface devices that are supported by personal computers. In other words, as our interface technology improves, mass media will be developed to take advantage of it. An example of this co-evolution will be the stereo monitor (one image for each eye) – allowing 3d graphics, and marking a key step for 3d media entertainment.

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