Ski Trip 2003!


Still early, but after a nice breakfast at the Royal Diner and checking into Timber Creek, we pull in to the main lodge.

Oh, yea. These guys are ready to go.

A few minor boot adjustments before we fall down the mountain…

Fresh powder left behind as the clouds roll away.

Wow, they usually don’t get that close without a fight breaking out.

Here we go. Hey, save it for the ring

That’s better

Dan is slow.

Howie’s GQ shot:

Driving back to Timber Creek (not a long drive…) after a great day on the mountain:

We’re going to need lots of firewood if we’re going to stay up all night playing cards and hanging out.

A little photo session before we hit the slopes on day two.

This is getting a little steep.
Certain death, very little chance of success, what are we waiting for?

You ok? what’s the hold up? Hurry up. We don’t have all day. 🙂

Rich at the top of the Corinthia lift

We basically have the mountain to ourselves.

Rich’s Sports Illustrated cover shot:

Nice photo op:

Ok, how many cameras did we bring today? And do we really all need them out at the same time?

Dan wanders out of the woods. What were you doing over there?

Beautiful view of the mountain from Timber Creek

Howie takes a couple pictures out the window every year.

A good time!!!


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